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“With the solution developed by Holistic, we have significantly enhanced the global analysis of our company. Our corporate solution based on Board allows us to spend quality time analyzing the information and drastically reduces the time it takes to prepare reports.”

Teresa Roig, Financial Director

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Estabanell somos un grupo de empresas de los sectores energético y de las telecomunicaciones.

Ofrecemos a hogares y empresas productos y servicios en los ámbitos de la comercialización de energía, el autoconsumo, la eficiencia energética y la movilidad eléctrica y sostenible, así como en el ámbito de la conectividad con la comercialización de servicios de fibra de última generación, móvil y televisión.

Además, hacemos llegar a casas y negocios la energía eléctrica que necesitan a través de una red de distribución propia de más de 1.500 km, desplegada en 27 municipios de las comarcas del Vallès Oriental, Osona, La Garrotxa y el Ripollès. Y, al mismo tiempo, desarrollamos el Internet de las Cosas para que la energía te llegue de la forma más sostenible y eficiente posible.

Y promovemos la generación de energía distribuida 100% de origen renovable, fieles a nuestro compromiso con la lucha contra el cambio climático y el impulso a la transición energética.

Project scope

The goal of the project is to develop a set of solutions to digitize the main reporting and planning processes of the group’s economic & financial area,

The project includes the following solutions:

  • Automation of monthly Balance Sheet and P&L reporting for all companies and consolidation by business unit and cost centers.
  • Dashboard of the main Economic-Financial KPI’s by company and month
  • Analytical reporting of Delinquency
  • Process for obtaining the commercial margin per customer taking into account the distribution and simulation of the energy purchase price hedges
  • Digitization and automation of the group’s economic-financial budgeting process
  • Economic & Financial Rolling Forecast
  • Treasury forecasting automation
  • Project investment feasibility analysis

Project description

The final project is a solution implemented with the BOARD decision-making platform that integrates economic and financial information of the entire company. Its flexibility allows a global vision at a strategic level by the general management, as well as granularity and detailed analysis by company, CeCo and business unit.

The outcome is an end-to-end process that covers from reporting and monitoring of economic & financial information to the preparation of the budget of all group companies.



The project has been developed in different phases, in the first phase, the reporting solution for P&L, Balance Sheet and Economic-Financial KPI’s reports has been implemented. This first phase stands out for drastically optimizing the time dedicated to the elaboration of reports and improvement in the quality of the information generated.

“At the end of this first stage, BOARD provided us with a comprehensive Financial Reporting, automatically updated, with flexibility and depth to improve our daily analysis”.

Toni Atanasio, Corporate Controller

Subsequently, a solution has been developed that is very focused on the follow-up and analysis of customer Arrearage, with an immediate return in the management of Arrearage.

Another specific process that has been implemented is the Commercial Margin at customer level for the purchase and sale of energy. This process requires simulation and different energy purchase cost distribution scenarios.

The objective of the second phase was to digitize the economic planning process for the entire company, involving all the people who have responsibility for the group’s global budget. The process has different simulation capabilities depending on the budget item being worked on and is carried out in a single environment in concurrence that guarantees a unified view of the budget at all times.

“With P&L planning we have achieved a much more agile process, which significantly shortens our budgeting time, collaborative with multiple people from all departments, and with a level of granularity (Cost Center) that we had never been able to achieve before.”

Teresa Roig, Chief Financial Officer

The 3rd phase has been the natural evolution of the previous one, incorporating the Rolling Forecast process for the P&L. This process allows us to estimate the year-end financial results in a very direct way, with several extrapolation methods. Thanks to the Rolling Forecast process, the controlling team can simulate multiple closing scenarios, with different variables, in a matter of hours.

The comprehensive digitalization of the department’s key processes is currently being planned.


  • Automate the preparation of corporate economic and financial reporting in a scalable way
  • A single point of access to information that is always up to date
  • Facility for top-down analysis of information
  • Flexibility and agility to perform customized analysis
  • Minimizing processing time and maximizing analysis time
  • Improved decision making process through increased and more accurate data availability
  • Reduction of costs, efforts and time in obtaining information
  • User autonomy to maintain P&L, Balance Sheet and KPI reporting structures
  • Visibility of filtered information based on user profiles
  • Digitization of key processes in the finance department

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